Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well hello again!

Well I completed this curtain for the laundry room in one day. But don't be impressed. It is another of my recycle jobbie do's. The chicken fabric valence was one I had made for my kitchen window and the lace is the one remaining panel from a pair of lace curtains. Add the two together, throw in some ribbon and voila! LOL! I need to do a little more fluffing so it looks nicer.

Here is Jack's project. It is a fair bit of work but is gonna look really nice. We did manage to do some cross stitching together today.
 And here is mine.  I have only to finish the little hamster, a couple dogs, and birds and it will be on to the last chart!  Yippee!
So that is it for today.  We are off tommorrow to pick up our floor tile.  I can not wait to see that lovely pomegranite red in person!  God bless and keep you and huggles!

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  1. Your recycle curtains are lovely. You are very creative with what you have.

    Keeping Jack in prayer for his orthopedic visit coming up.


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