Friday, April 9, 2010

Stitching, sewing, and mower repair

It was such a nice day and Jack's pain was under control enough we repaired his mower today by putting on a new starter. Jack used the old office chair from his shop and sometimes sat on the ground.
And here is the always present assistant/gopher! LOL! I must be thinking hard, look at that scowl!

Jack has picked up his stitching again.  He has gotten pretty good at stretching out on the sofa to keep his knee happy and cross stitch!  Hey, whatever it takes!

I put down the crochet for just a bit to do a little more work on Rainbow Bridge.  I am so close to being done I may just keep at it until I finish it.

The first bedroom curtain is finished!  Three more to go.  I changed my mind on what I would make for in there.  The others would have needed a shade to cover the entire window and one thing I can not stand is a shade making all that noise at night when the wind comes through the window in the summer.  We sleep with windows open since we don't have central air unless it is really hot and it would be cooler to run the window a/c in the den.  It is taking a bit longer to do than a normal curtain since I am putting a white liner to keep the sun from ruining these like it did my green plaid ones.

Well that is it for this post.  We are counting the days until the 27th when Jack goes to the ortho doctor to see what they need to do about the pain and the moderate fluid in the knee.  Jack still needs strong pain meds to keep the pain under control and on a bad day even that is small relief.  Huggles and God bless for now.


groovyoldlady said...

Who took the photo of the two of you "working" on the mower?

Love the needle work!!

Sharon said...

I like the curtain! Yes, I'm going to have to line mine next time too because of the sun.

Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate said...

I love how you always make me realize that there is a ton to love in life. As life happens, you make the best of it. keep up the beautiful work! Happy Spring!

Heather said...

i love that you and your husband both share this hobby! I am so fond of the Ozarks...I go there when ever I can :)