Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One prayer shawl done!

You know we must start with the E. Man! LOL! The other day when we were all out enjoying the back yard, E.J. got mud all on his nose.
this one he seems to be stitcking out at Jack!  LOL!  Or me maybe, who knows.
I finished the navy blue prayer shawl and now I am working on one for a family member of Jack.  she lost her husband earlier this year.  i made up my own pattern just for a change up.  Having fun with it too.
So there is a very short post for you.  God bless and huggles.


  1. beautiful ....and I am sure the recipient of your next one will love it too...love the pooch pics...

  2. I see E.J. is at it again! hehe I so love reading "his" posts on Facebook and all the trouble he gets into! lol He's gorgeous but don't tell him that, it will go to his head:-)

    Love the colours in that shawl, you always do such beautiful work. xoxo

  3. beautiful pup!
    Reminds me of my dog that died a bit back.. best dog.. and love the prayer shawl, you do such beautiful work!


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