Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally feels like fall!

The mums are just starting to bloom at last.  The purple ones next to the house are still taking their time though.
They look prettier from this direction.  The little burgundy one nearly died so he is much smaller than the others.
Jack got us a special treat yesterday.  A restaurant here called "The Rusty Jug" makes their own root beer.  More than one kind as well.  Yummy, it is so good!  I like the bottles too!
A little done on my wolf.  I am having big time eye allergy issues now and again so not as much done as I would like.  I am also working on another prayer shawl but I don't want Bren to see it yet so I am not showing it.  It is pretty though if I say so myself!  Huggles Bren!
That is about it for now.  Jack and I are working hard on the house.  The youth pastor from church is hoping to come by the first Saturday of October to help Jack install the new front door.  I am excited about that as our old door is very drafty and in rough shape.  We are still tackling our bedroom.  Jack is nearly finished repairing the closet and it will be ready to paint soon.  Then I need to finish the window trim, we will hang border and do the finish on the floor and be done.  So God bless and huggles all.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

You are the SWEETEST thing in this world!!! My heart is overwhelmed and I have tears in my eyes to think someone cares so much for me to make something so special just for me. One thing for sure it is very much apprecited and the prayer shawl will be used many times over and over. I have also already planned to hand it down to my little granddaughter when my Father calls me home. I love you my sister in Christ. God bless you.

Dee said...

I am glad to hear your house is coming along so sounds like you will be done in time for winter.I look forward to seeing the finished wold project. Is it a gift?