Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunshine at last!

Fun with a Sylvia pic!


I had a little fun with this picture I took of Sylvia,  different anyway!


Here is the hibiscus, flower bed next to the porch, the meadow sage and the baby tree I transplanted from the back to the front yard today as well as the zinnia.


Afghan news

Got another block done so I am a third of the way on the third row.  Hooray.  Today, Sylvia pilfered a piece of yarn then tried to escape with a couple of the squares!  Little stinker!


So that is it for our sunshiny day!  God bless and huggles!


  1. We praise God you and Jack are safe after those tornadoes.

    Our cats love cardboard boxes too; and furniture; and houseplants; and........

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on the post of our precious Suzette. Especially thank you for being ones who prayed with us, and for her during the past 8 months. That meant so very much to her & us.

  3. I just love the crocheted block! You really have a talent for color and pattern.



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