Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rainy days & stitching & crocheting

Fun with Sylvia

Cute as always!


The columbine, our little flowerbed before we add the rock and a two dollar hardy Hibiscus!

Now for the stitchy stuff!

Jack is so very close to finishing his Last Supper Piece.  We have been pretty busy around here so not as much time to sew.  It is about to get a lot busier as we prepare to repair the bathroom.
Here is a little picture of my crochet.  I could go much faster but between being busy and help from a certain feline, it is not as fast as I would like!
So there is a little bit of a post for you.  Huggles and be blessed!


Life of a plainlady said...

Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy!1

Lana said...

I have to admit, though I am not a cat person, Sylvia is cute!! Lovely stitching, and I totally understand how life gets in the way!

PlainCatholic said...

You are blessed in your busy-ness, Michelle. The crochet is beautiful and Jack's work has no rival.

May you stay high and dry in all that rain.

RonJoeWhite said...

Sylvia looks like she doesn't have a care in the world :-)

Barbara said...

I never cease to be amazed at the beautiful stitching that Jack does. Glad to see that your garden is showing some colour.