Saturday, March 10, 2012

Still kicking and stitching!

Been working a bit on Gathering eggs.  I am working just above her sleeve.

 And I have decided since I am so close to being finished on my angel, I will stick to doing her until she is done.  I was asked about why I didn't do her on evenweave and if I have worked on evenweave.  I have worked on it and do enjoy it greatly, however, I generally buy my supplies on sale or clearance since we are on a fixed income.  There fore I have to work with whatever I have on hand and rarely am able to buy special needed items.

 The Names of Jesus piece is onto the second page now.  It is a small page so it won't take long at all.  I find the more of them I do the faster they go.

 Tonight this was my beloved Jack on the floor trying to get relief for his legs.  Often Sylvia is taking care of him staying nearby as she is here.  She will often get close to him and lay on her side as if imitating Jack.  They often play with the fish on a stick too.
Thanks for visiting me!  My thyroid biopsy was not much fun but I am feeling less discomfort every day.  I am praying and believing I will get good results Friday next week.  Huggles.


  1. Love everything. My fav is still the names of Jesus. I am praying for you about the biopsy. Is there anything else I can pray about for you?

  2. Just thought I would pop in and say hi.. what a beautiful job you are doing.. Is that hard on the eyes? Just love it great job..God Bless

  3. Praying for good results for your biopsy and loving the big pictures of your needle work...

  4. Wow! Looks wonderful! I honestly don't think I'd have the patience to sit and sew like that. It does look like it would be a great calming activity at the end of a stressful day.

  5. Dear Sister: You are so accomplished with your needle you can do wondrous works on even the poorest of cloth. May Jack be feeling better and your tests be clear.


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