Friday, March 2, 2012

Not enough stitching around here!

Here is our girl!

Just window sitting.

Now where did that fish go?

Forget making the bed, I need a nap!

And on to the stitching.  Not a lot has been done with all the doctors appointments but here we go!  This is a piece I found when straightening up our craft dresser.  I would like to get her framed for our churches silent auction if I can.  We shall see.

And here is my progress on The Names Of Jesus

And guardian Angel.

Can’t forget Gathering Eggs.

And now for a last laugh!  I had planned on baking some bread but when your sweetheart of 32 years ask you to lunch, what is a girl to do!  LOL!  She goes with him and then comes home with a stuffed chicken!

God bless and huggles!


Annie said...

Love the kitty shadow.

Anonymous said...


Just visiting your blog.

Your kitty is adorable!

Your stitching is great and your chicken is so cute.

Rose said...

That first stitched piece is pretty! Question, Why are you doing the angel on aida and not evenweave? And have you ever worked on evenweave?

Minnie said...

Your cat is just adorable. All of your stitching is perfect and the girl to be framed should sale for a bundle in the church auction. It was funny to see that your stuffed chicken was really a stuffed chicken, I was looking to see something to eat like a stuffed chicken :-) You see my mind is always on food.

Lynda said...

I bet Sylvia would love to get her hands...I mean paws...on that stuffed chicken :o) xx

DaisyGirl said...

Love your chicken! Cluck cluck!
Would you believe that my maiden name Kohoutek means "fighting rooster"!
Gotta love that! Hope ya'll are doing good!

Pumpkin said...

What a beautiful piece!

Great progress on your WIPs :o)

LOL! That was very sweet of your DH!

merumo said...

I think you had a very productive week all the great progresses you made!! How wonderful!! I'm sure your kitty agree with me, too ;)

Dee said...

I just stopped by to say hello and for some reason I can not view your photos.

Barbara said...

So none of the photos showing up on your blog Michelle, how frustrating.