Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Stitching

I wanted to share something my Grandmother liked to make and give away.  She would make two granny squares and join them with a decorative edge.  The part you see folded down would have a little yarn bow and then she would slide a pencil in there and put a little notepad in the other part.  A ribbon at the top allowed for hanging near the phone to take messages.

Now here is the progress on the doilly.  I am now on row 26 of 30 so it is getting close to being finished.

 And the cross stitch stained glass piece is coming along.  I do need buy the floss color of the "leading".

Of course you are ready for Sylvia pictures now aren't you?  Here you go!

Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles.


  1. Where are you going to put your doily when you are finished? Sylvia looks very pretty in her photo's she looks like she has a mellow personality. Your grandma's gift was a thoughtful one...Now days not many use a phone but you could tuck a cell phone where the note pad would go. :)

  2. I've seen those little squares before and had no idea they were for notepads! How cute is that!

    I see Sylvia has the greatest cat toy -- a box. Any new box that comes into our house instantly becomes a New Kitty Wonderland. :D

  3. Love the needlework and the lazy cat pictures!

  4. I should like a piece of that bread please. Hugs to Jack and Her Royal Cat-ness Sylvia.

  5. Beautiful needle works that you do! Your cat looks like so much fun, too!

  6. Love all your progress!! Especially love the colors in the doily! Sylvia Joy...always up to somethin'!


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