Thursday, October 18, 2012

An outing and stitching too!

We had to go to another town for Sylvia's canned food and Jack and I took some pictures.  I hope you enjoy them!  The first is on the street where our apartment is.

Country Lane in Cave Springs.

The next three was either in Cave Springs or Elm Springs.  I forget!

Jack had to take a picture of the cows in front of this hill.

I love donkeys and mules and came across these two with their cow friend.

Now here is my doily nearly done!  Two and a half rows to go!

And nearly done with the outline color on the Stain glass piece.

Someone stole Mom's corner and then tried to be cute!  LOL!

Thanks for the visit.  Blessings and huggles.


Cathy Pavlovich said...

The fall pics are great! Not so many colors here in Georgia yet, but soon. Your doily is coming along beautifully and Sylvia is always a cutie!

The imPerfect Housewife said...

I always love beautiful scenery pics ~ especially with the trees changing. Your projects look great ~ I'm on the hunt today for a cross stitch pattern for a wedding and the bride and groom are both book lovers so I'm trying to incorporate that into it...somehow. :) Have a great weekend ~

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Beautiful!!!! I LOVE the stained glass artwork!!!
Yes I said artwork because it is truly a piece of art!!!

rosey175 said...

Aren't the fall colors beautiful this year? (I may say this every year, haha.) I'm on the eastern edge of the Ozarks so I am seeing all the glory as well! :D

Your projects are coming along nicely, stained glass looks so peacful!

My Oreo does the same thing as Sylvia! She steals my seat then make a little chirp and rolls upside down looking adorable (as if it will save her from being booted from the chair, haha)!

Lana said...

Love seeing the fall colors! We don't have them where we are, so anytime I see pictures on blogs, I just imagine I'm there! Lovely stitching as always!

Margaret said...

Beautiful scenery around your area! Love the doily! And the stitching. Sylvia is a silly baby. lol!

Dee said...

Sylvia did not have to try to hard to be just comes natural :) I love the photo's of your drive. I am partial to the road pictures and the cows in the field. But then I like all the rest just as much.:)