Monday, February 18, 2013

Cross stitch, doilies & Sylvia!

Well, I have finished the little bird on the limb and started on the lower edge of her dress.

 Mostly I have been going to town on this doily.  It really isn't this orange in person and no amount of editing on my part will show the actual nice persimmon color!

 I really got Sylvia going yesterday and here are the results!

Thanks for the visit!  Blessings and huggles.


  1. Such lovely stitching! I love the snap shots of Sylvia :D

  2. Hello

    Your stitching is lovely and your doily is very pretty!
    Sylvia is just gorgeous!

  3. Love your stitching! Love the doily too! And the crochet animals in the last post -- so cute! As is Sylvia!

  4. Love the orange color of the doily...and cross stitch has always baffled much counting. I need a pattern. :) Sylvia is charming as ever. :)

  5. Hello Michelle !
    I just found your blog via Mii Stitch.

    You have done plenty of lovely stitching and the crocheted doilies are very pretty too!

    Miss Sylvia is very sweet little kitty, I have
    two Norwegian Forest Cats ,
    they are sisters called
    Melissa-Baby and Namine :)

    With Blessings from Finland ,
    (= Lumiruusu = " The Snow Rose" !

  6. Anonymous7:18 PM CST

    How did your cat, Sylvia Joy, get her name?


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