Sunday, February 10, 2013

Where was I the last 5 days?

Actually after an "us" trip on Tuesday there were plenty of errands to run and housecleaning to do so I lost track of time!  LOL!  Here are some pictures.  This is inside a store in Rogers AR called "the Rabbit's Lair"  They have some wonderful quilt and yarn items.

 A beautiful home just around the corner from the shop.

 Jack and I sat here and had lunch overlooking part of Beaver Lake.  So relaxing!

 We stopped at Hobb's State Park to visit the Van winkle homestead site and mill.  Jack was having a gout flair up so I went down there alone.  It was very interesting!  I have added a link with much more pictures and info than I can give here.  Van Winkle Project

 We next went to War Eagle Mill not far away and enjoyed the sights there.  This is their link  War Eagle Mill

 Fully restored bridge at War Eagle Mill.

 This is the Blackburn home at war Eagle Mill.  I couldn't get a picture but the original log cabin is behind it.

 Now on to stitchy stuff.  I have been rooting around to find yarn to make some of these critters from a book Jack got for me at Wal-Mart a while back.

 I am happy to say the pink blob birds now really do look like birds on  Winter's Song.  yes, I did call it Winter's Joy last time but I was wrong.  Hard to believe but true!  LOL!

 I tried to get the sparkles to show up but no luck!

 And here is our girl napping in the sun.


Margaret said...

When you showed the inside of the Rabbit's Lair, it sent me back to my childhood and the big stores in our old downtown area where I grew up. Those old tin celings, and the cool details on the walls. Ahhhh. I haven't seen things like that in ages!! Thanks for the peek! Love your stitching too, and Sylvia of course!

Cathy said...

It looks like you had a lovely day! Your stitching is beautiful as always and I'm looking forward to seeing the little critters you create! And it's always good to see Sylvia.

Brenda said...

Looks like crafters heaven at the Rabbit's Lair. I enjoyed the many pictures that you shared of your day. Hope Jack's gout is under control. Have a blessed week.

Mary Ann said...

It looks like you and Jack had a fun day out and about! Nice stitching progress, and those little critters will be cute finishes!!

Karin said...

Looks like a great trip!

Dee said...

great the store and houses and I really like the character of the bridge. It is just something we do not see anymore. I like the little snail will be fun to see what you make. Sylvia looks a tiny miffed that you are taking her photo. LOL

PlainCatholic said...

I feel as though I went with you on the trip. I do enjoy visits to natural and historic places.

A big hug to you, Jack and HRC - Her Royal Catness.

Sue in the Wood said...

Us trips are great fun, aren't they? Love the photos!

Barbara said...

Great store for a crafter and enjoyed my outing with you. Noticed how flat it is.

Laura Lane said...

We must not live far from each other. I'm in the Joplin, Missouri area. I'm going to save this post. I want to go to the Rabbit's Lair!