Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happily crocheting away!

First let me show you the moon last evening peeking thru the clouds.  I think he and I were playing peek a boo!

I currently have 3 doilies going switching whenever the mood strikes me.  One is nearly done with only 3 rows to go so I will finish it.  It is the green one here.

This one is well along but still has quite a bit to go on it.

And I just started on this little fella.

I am also working on some potholders that were a free pattern. I am having a blast trying different color combos.


  1. All are beautiful! I'm very intrigued by those potholders. So neat!

  2. Beautiful doilies! I love the color of that first green light and lovely!

  3. I love your crochet, I must try harder, I do get fed up with just granny squares.
    Missed Sylvia in this post

  4. wow !!!! it´s so beautiful !!!


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