Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happily sewing away!

It has been a bit of a hectic week but that seldom stops my stitching!  I started a doily as well but first my little sampler.

Now here is the start on the doily!  It is one by my favorite designer Elizabeth Hiddleson.

Remember the Celtic cross stitch pattern I told you about?  I think i forgot to mention it is from a book called Celtic Art by Barbara Hmmond.  Not sure if it is still in print as I have had it for some time.  I hope to start on it soon.

Jack was messing with his remote control helicopter and Sylvia joy thought it quite fasinating.  My camera was acting up so excuse the bad picture.

Thanks for the visit.  huggles and blessings.


Margaret said...

Lovely stitching and crochet. Beautiful! lol about Sylvia! I bet she though the helicopter was very strange!

Maggie Ann said...

Love your projects Michelle! I used to make doilies and loved each one. Creating things is so enjoyable, wish I used my time list of projects grows! I had left a comment but think it didn't go thru?

Mary Ann said...

I love the colors in your sampler, and the doily is so pretty!

Rose Burke said...

I just got the Dill aida cloth in the mail today to do that same sampler, just have to get the threads for it.

mijn hobby ✄ blog said...

nice crocheting