Sunday, December 1, 2013

Busy, busy crocheting!

Yes, I have been keeping busy crocheting!  My beloved Jack and I, and of course Sylvia, are always home on holidays so I can keep right on having fun!  Here is the first doily I have been working on.  It is called Starflower.

I work about two days on each one and then switch.  Here is the next one I rotate to.  It is called Splendor On the Table and is the largest of the three.

Last, but not least is one called Goldstar.  It is the smallest I believe.

Well, I think we need a Sylvia moment.  She is trying to be invisible under the jacket and also loves to hide there when we play with the laser light.

Thanks for visiting.  Blessings and huggles.


  1. Love your crochet !!!! Great job!!!

  2. Your doilies are so beautiful! Such fine work! Sylvia -- so cute!

  3. I love your new banner! :) Wonderful cat and handiwork as usual! :)

  4. Every time I visit there is some gorgeous needlework of some kind to admire. Missed Sylvia on this one though.


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