Saturday, December 14, 2013

How about more doilies and Sylvia fun?

Well most of our snow and ice are gone now.  It was slickery looking out there for several days!  We stayed safely tucked inside and enjoyed our hobbies.

Here are some potholders I made as a present for a friend.  she likes bright colors so I think these will do the trick.

Here is my little blue doily.  I had to put him aside today until after payday so I can get some more thread.

Here is the smallest white doily.  I put the larger one aside for a week because I am having issues finishing the last couple rows.  Two blows to the back of my head and a stroke in my thirties left me with headaches and memory issues.  I will get it finished though!

 Lastly the little multi colored doily.

Sylvia and I were having a tug of war with her yarn and I got this fun shot of her!

Thanks for visiting.  huggles and blessings.


Sarah Beth said...

I love those potholders and doilies. Is the pattern hard. I know I would love to find that pattern. Was it by chance something you found for free on the net? If so would you share it.

I had no idea you've been through so much. I have me!ory problems too and I'm in my 30s. I have MS and other things too. Sometimes I feel so stupid. Today I forgot to take my morning pills. Duh I wondered at 5 o clock why I felt yucky...then the lightbulb went off...uh oh forgot those darn pills! Well I have moments like that all the time☺

I love reading your blog and seeing all the stunning crafts you do.

Eva patch said...

Your presents are so beautiful, and your cat is so cute!!!

Margaret said...

Lovely pieces as always. Love that pic of Sylvia -- so cute!

Minnie said...

The potholders and doilies are beautiful as ever. We had some ice and a little snow last week too, it's all gone now with sunshine today but still cold, so I'm staying in too.

Anne Jeffries said...

Good morning Michelle. Sylvie is so cute. I love seeing her antics. Your doilies are so pretty. I'm still working on the one you inspired me to do. I'm afraid my design has gone very off track but I've decided to push through and see what I end up with.

Dee said...

You have such skills...I love the color blue you chose for your blue doily. The pot holder pattern is cute and so is Sylvia as always. :)

Bean said...

I love those pot holders and think I will make some in the next few weeks. So cheerful!


(wowsers the "prove your not a robot" codes have gone insane today!!)