Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back again!

Jack is getting so close to finishing his wolf project. He says it has been fun but he is ready to move on.
I have been making bracelets for someone and thought this would be a cute button for the kids one.  I will also uses flowers and bees.
I love beads and I thought these ones for the angels were pretty all missed together.
Here are some half finished angels.
And I finished my shawl today!  Now I will be toasty warm this winter!
Here is our miss Sylvia Joy!

Thanks for visiting.  Blessings and huggles!


  1. lovely post, so many different crafts and Sylvia xx

  2. Great near-finish on the wolf! Those eyes are so realistic! You've been busy with crochet - everything looks so pretty. Please send me an e-mail if you're interested in beads.

  3. FAN-TAS-TIC work on the wolf!! Amazing!!!
    Great shawl too, the colours are lovely :)

  4. Love your DH's wolf -- so amazing! Love seeing your crochet projects as well. Hooray for a shawl to keep warm! Cute Syliva -- love when she perches on the back of your couch.

  5. WoW..that wolf is fantastic. Sylvia looks so relaxed...she must get worn out watching you guys with your needle work .

  6. Everything you guys do is special....and the wolf is so impressive!

  7. Anonymous7:55 PM CST

    I don't know why you keep saying that the shawls, afghans and sewing belong to you or Jack. Anyone with eyes to see will see that they are claimed and therefore belong to Sylvia Joy! :D


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