Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hello on a cool fall day!

Hold on folks this is gonna be a big post!  I have been crocheting away since last we talked and here are some of the results.  A very large and bright potholder.
 A smaller purple one.
 And lots and lots of pot holders with more to come!
My winter shawl is coming along nicely to.
Made an infinity scarf for a friend.  It is a really quick and easy pattern and I love the warn which was a gift from a dear couple.  I am doing one in blue next.
Now for the tale of two knitting boards.  The first is one Jack got in the early 1980's made with wood and cotter pins by a rancher in Kansas.  It has served him well but is limited in what you can do and if you make hats, you have to sew a seam.
This is his new knitting board or loom.  You can adjust it in such a way that you can make socks, hats, scarves, blankets, etc.  I want to get him the largest size some day as well.

Well, we had storms again off and on this week.  Here is the sunset from a couple days ago as they were moving in.

And now we mustn't forget her Sylvianess!

And a couple weeks ago I was asked if I ever had trouble learning a new stitch.  Some do take a bit to learn with doing and redoing and studying on it.  The biggest thing I have an issue with at times is directions.  Sometimes with the memory issues I have I can really confuse myself!  LOL!
Thanks for visiting.  huggles and blessings.


rosey175 said...

Can I aspire to your level of crochet? I love the rainbow potholder!

Since I'm just starting out, I must say that trying to understand a pattern right now is like attempting an alien language. Someday... maybe!

Marlene Jones said...

I love your colourful pot holders. Jacks loom is a great idea, anything that allows less stitching up is good for me. I would use circular needles.
Sylvia looks great, what a lovely life as a cat. We have had huge amounts of rain here in UK, Autumn is now here.
I find the instruction for crochet very difficult it stops me taking my crochet any further, but I do love granny squares.

Mii Stitch said...

Wow, you have been so busy!!! It all looks fantastic, well done!

Chava said...

LOVE the potholders! Really colorful! :)

Great pics! :)

Elizabeth said...

You have been busy and you do such beautiful work! I wish that I had learned to crochet when I was younger!

Simply Shelley said...

Such beautiful colorful work. It's all so nice. I've been doing a bit of crochet, and yesterday some sewing too. Our weather has turned a little cooler. Feels quite wonderful to me. Blessings