Sunday, October 19, 2014

I can see the end!

I am three potholders away from finishing an order and then one small one to go!  I love doing it but I am itching to finish up some stitching!  Here are the potholders I have done lately.

We took some items to a place called the Compassion Center, a thrift store run by a church and came home with this cute little mirror.  Some cleaning and a new coat of stain and a bit of repaor and it will be good to go.
Wednesday night was quite fun!  A couple who lives not far from us and who we met on facebook came to visit.  I fell in love with their 17 month old daughter Abigail and even got a kiss from her!  Her parents are Michael and Elizabeth and they are so precious!  They even brought a huge bag of fabric and I will donate some of it to a friend who makes items for charity.

And lastly here is our silly Sylvia!

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


  1. I would not be able to keep away from my stitching for as long. Visitors are always nice to have.

  2. What a sweet family...the little girl is a cutie. It looks like Sylvia has added a little spread in the back side LOL...She has a nice viewing perch.... my Lucy will not get up on one...she just lays in front of the sliding door.

  3. Your potholders are so pretty! & Your company looks like a beautiful family.

  4. Such a happy family and I must admit that is the most magnificent beard I have ever seen, wow!

    Your potholders are so beautiful as always. :D


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