Monday, September 7, 2015

Better late than never!

My beloved Jack had surgery Thursday for carpal tunnel and a tendon in his thumb. Add to that lack of sleep for a few days and by Friday I was too wiped out to post.  Jack is doing well.  Here he is setting a fashion trend!
We had a very lovely sunset the other night.  So much pink and orange.  They say it is from all the smoke from the wildfires in the Northwest.

I have been playing this last couple days with the Solaris Shawl by Kim Guzman.  It calls for lace weight yarn but I am experimenting with size 5 cotton.
And I made a test square for a pillow I plan on making. I am pleased with it!
Finally hung the valance I made.  It makes the window look perfect.
This afternoon I caught Sylvia being a silly girl on the sofa!

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


  1. I so hope Jack is feeling a bit better, sending him huggs (if that's allowed from UK), love your square for the new project.

  2. Glad your Jack is doing well! Love the sky photos! Your balance is lovely !

  3. I hope that Jack is feeling just the thing now that his surgery is over!

  4. Ouch, I hope Jack is feeling better now!

    I really like the cotton you're using for the shawl. It feels very Halloweeny! And you've picked some nice substitutes for the river rose pattern too.

  5. Your husband looks great! You must be taking good care of him =). Your valance is very nice...good for you, getting so much done and so much we admire. Your Sylvia is so pretty! We have a gray tabby and love her funny self so much.


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