Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Busy little me!

The big order of angels and snowflakes is all done! Hooray! Here was the last patch drying!

Yesterday I had a little fun and made a heart pillow. Third one I have done and this one is keeping another pillow company on the ladderback chair.
And I have gotten five of the Bee Hives and Clover squares done.
Now I am cross stitching on my friends Names Of Jesus piece.
Now I know you are also asking what her Cattness Sylvia has been up too! Well, a little playing,
a little guard duty,
looking silly,
and plenty of naps!
That is it for this week. Thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.


  1. Michelle, I love your snowflakes and angels....what a beautiful accomplishment! Your crocheted squares are a pretty design...a variation of granny squares I think?. And Sylvia is charming us and oh so beautiful! We had that same exact toy for Violet and she just ignored it. Her favorite toy is called (I think) cat tail. A plastic 'tail' rotates around and under a circular plastic fabric. If you ever come across one I think you and Sylvia will like it much. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Maggie Ann

  2. Your angels and snowflakes are gorgeous. I remember the first year we were married (33 years ago) I ordered two sets of crochet snowflakes from a Lillian Vernon catalog. I still have them, but haven't used them in years, as I no longer put up a big Christmas tree. They are still my favorites. You've been busy! And that little cat looks like it can entertain itself quite well.

  3. You've certainly been busy! Your snowflakes and angels are lovely.

    And it's good to see Sylvia exerting herself as usual :)) xx

  4. So much beautiful handwork! And Sylvia -- such a cutie!

  5. Oh the snowflakes are so pretty! So many different kinds! I'd like to learn to crochet with thread someday. I never got the hang of it.

    One of my friends wants to buy some of my dish scrubbies for Christmas gifts. How do you determine how much to charge for crochet projects?

    Be blessed,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. Hi, New follower here.Ah Love your little fur baby..
    Hi, I found you at a friends blog coveredwifeoftim
    LOL all these years crocheting and I can do any stitch but can not make a granny square hahaha go figure.

    Blessings, Reenee @


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