Friday, February 22, 2008

just well enough for a short post

Let me start by saying this. Thank God for a loving husband! He cared enough to ask a pharmacist what he recommended for my problem. I would have just gotten what I always get! But the stuff he got had pain reliever and anti-bacterial med in it. It seems to be doing the trick, my fever broke last night and I feel much better although not yet well. Perhaps I won't need the doctor after all!
So anyway here is my hallway. Or at least the best pic I could get of it. It is really dark in there and no light of any kind! What were they thinking? We still need to get paint to do the trim.
Here is Jack working in the kitchen. He always does the high up stuff and I do lower down.
My poor kitchen! LOL! It has needed a lot more repair than we thought it would so that has really slowed things down! The hinges on the cabinet doors are shot and all the drawers need repair.
This is the sleet we got yesterday. This was in the morning and we got about an inch all told. This morning we woke up to a dusting of snow over it. School was canceled yesterday and today and it is very treacherous out there. We are afraid to even try and leave with our driveway being on a hill. So we will stay right here. Sunday they say it will be in the 50's. Gotta love that wacky Missouri weather!
And lastly, Jack's finished towel. Cute! I love it. One more to finish and then he wants to do another wall quilt.
Okay, I am done tuckered. I am gonna read a couple more blogs then go camp on the sofa. thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.


My Life with Bipolar Disorder said...

Thank God you are better. And thank God indeed for a loving husband :-) Do keep warm and rest as much as you can. Jack's finished towel is very lovely. Hope you have a blessed weekends. Take care!

groovyoldlady said...

I'm so sorry you've been ill and I'm so glad the house is coming together. It's gonna look great when you're done!

HsKubes said...

I hope you feel better soon.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the repairs and such when they are finished.

Thank you for your comments and for thinking of us as we traveled.
I hope you enjoy your weekend.

~ Christina

Dawn said...

I'm so glad you got some good meds and are on the mend!

It's good to stay put during the icy stuff.

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm so sorry you've been feeling bad. I know how very uncomfortable a UTI can be..
Glad you were able to get some relief with the otc medicine. You're in my prayers..

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad you are on the mend and feeling better. Nice newsy post. You guys are getting a lot done. We need to do painting too!!!
Have a blessed weekend, Michelle.

Lana said...

I pray you get to feeling better soon! The towel looks lovely:~D
Remodeling can really be a pain, but it's really worth it in the end. Take care:~)

Lana said...

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better! and be careful with all that wintery weather! i think you have the right idea, just stay put if you can, and i love Jacks finish! very cute! Have a great weekend!

Julianne said...


I'm sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. I'm glad that you are improving a bit and I hope you're feeling 100% very soon.

What a wonderful DH Jack is! Hugs and God Bless you both.

PEA said...

I do hope the new meds you're taking continue to keep working and that you're soon 100% again!! I love the colour of paint you've's always a big job redoing a kitchen but so worth the mess once it's all done:-) Glad you're not attempting to go out in that weather...I wanted to go visit Steve for a few days this coming week but the weather forecast is too unstable for me to take a chance. Sigh. Stay warm and feel better soon my friend!! xox

Daughter of the King said...

SO glad that you are on the mend....the kitchen is showing progress that is for sure....
keep resting.

Glenna said...

Michelle, I hope you get better fast! Your husband is a superstar among husbands (and among stitchers). Best wishes to both of you!

DaisyGirl said...

I hope you get better too!
What a great hubby to take care of you! If we can swing it, I might be driving to Missouri to see my nephew graduate from AIT from the Army!

Sharon said...

Take care of yourself and get all better!

The weather has been wacky here too. Today our high was in the low 60's and Wed we'll have a high in the 40s's! Spring is on it's way!! :)

Jack's birdhouse stitching is beautiful!

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that you are a little better. Maybe by the time you read this you will be all better I hope.


Dear Michelle, I am so sorry that you have been feeling so ill. Glad that you seem to be getting better.

I love the look of the hall and kitchen. You all have done a good job. I know everything smells so clean. I love a room after it has a fresh coat of paint on it. I really like the work on the scarf is it, that Jack just finished.

Hope you will be feeling much better very soon. Have a better and better week. Take care. love you, connie from texas

A Note From Theresa said...

I just love the look of your kitchen lol. So cute and country looking :) though it looks like you covering up the blue.

Sorry you have been sick. I hope and pray that you continue to get well.


groovyoldlady said...

I'm missing you...


Kathleen Marie said...

Jack does such nice work! I so hope you are feeling 100% today! God Bless!

Meari said...

I'll be doing some painting soon, too. The towel is too cute. :)