Friday, July 11, 2008

Furniture and family!

This is my Uncle Maurice. He came by the other day to bring an item to us. He was being ornery as can be and is trying so hard to be serious! This is the uncle many of you prayed for who had bladder cancer. He is doing well and is back to many of his activities. Now my brother is waiting for results of a biopsy of tumors in his bladder. Please pray for him that they would be benign.
Well, our old plaid sofa finally bit the dust. It was just plain shot, had holes in the fabric, and was broken down in several places. We found Jack a nice recliner for when his legs are troubling him. It is a used one and is very nice. We bought it from our favorite furniture store in Nevada. Of course Katie had to try it out. Jack looks half asleep while talking on the phone! Oops, diodn't mean to catch him that way.
Here is my new loveseat! Again used and very nice. The fabric looks like it will hold up very well and it is a laz-y-boy brand. A nice chocolate color. All in all we paid 400 dollars for both pieces with interest. We will pay 31 dollars a month until the end of the year and then we will pay off the rest. I think it was a great deal!
Now with a smaller piece of furniture it fits on the wall across from our front windows. Perfect for watching the world including birds and fireflies and the squirrels too! Huggles and God bless until next time. Oh and don't forget to watch the video of the little dog up top. She is so inspiring!


Nancie said...


Thanks for sharing the video of the little dog. She is truly very encouraging!

Wow, Jack's recliner must be very relaxing. Good of Katie to enjoy it too. Glad you have got a new loveseat! Enjoy your time of watching the birds and fireflies and the squirrels :)

I am praying for your brother and uncle. Praying for you and Jack too that God continue to bless both of you. Take care!

Andie said...

Awesome that you got some new furniture :) Looks comfy too :)

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
Looks like you found some great bargains on your furniture. We have LaZBoy and they wear very well.
I'll keep your brother in my prayers. Bill's dad had cancer of the bladder, so I know how concerned you must be.

zzop357 said...

Hey I love ornery old uncles and spicy old aunts and all in between.
I love it when an older person can out talk me.
I love the new furniture too. I hate the hide-a-bed we have.It's time for something different.Having to buy a new hd tv changed the whole living room, but its the same furniture.
Jack looks good all kicked back and relaxed!! LOL
Have a good weekend Michelle, God bless. Donna

Meari said...

Nice furniture!!

Patty said...

Like the new furniture and will keep your brother and uncle in my prayers

Glenna said...

I'm thinking of all of you and praying for your brother. Love, love the Lazyboy! We have it too, and it's so comfortable for stitching, watching tv, and a good nap! I'm always pushing one animal or another off it--usually Pink. Have a wonderful week, Michelle!

Penless Thoughts said...

So happy for your new furniture pieces. I will pray for a good report on your brother. So good to hear your uncle is doing well :o)

Lucy said...

Prayers for Uncle Maurice for sure. He looks like the shop keeper on Petticott Junction and Green Acres!!

Sharon said...

Praying for your brother.

Glad you were able to get such nice furniture on a deal! I love to find a good bargain on needful things.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Glad to hear you were able to get some really nice furniture for a good price.
I'll be praying for your uncle (he looks like fun!) and your brother.
I pray too that Jack continues to feel better.
Blessing to you! Claudia O.


Thanks for the video. I am so glad you all found just the furniture that you needed. It is very nice. Hope your uncle continues to do well. May things work in God's will for your brother. Have a great week,dear friend. connie from Texas

Penless Thoughts said...

I saw on Pea's today that this is your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Michelle.

Penless Thoughts said...

Michelle, Please send me your e-mail address. I tried to send you a 4th of July card that came back.

zzop357 said...

I heard it was your birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!
I hope you had a great day, and many,many more!!!!
God bless, Donna

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! (Pea sent me.)

My dad had bladder cancer and had a bag on his side. He did well with it for several years.

Your new furniture looks great! I'm sure you will enjoy them. We have always had La-Z-Boy chairs and absolutely LOVE them!!! I sleep in my chair all the time! They have a lifetime warranty on the mechanism, plus the fabric wears like iron! I think Katie thinks that chair is hers! LOL Cute little dog!!!

Drop by and pay me a visit sometime. I am an animal lover...I have 33 cats! All are clean and spayed/neutered, no fleas, no worms, no diseases, and all are indoor cats. I have them separated in different parts of my home. Some are feral cats, and I am working to tame them yet.

Have a great week and weekend!


PlainCatholic said...

Aye, family is wonderful. So too is the comfortable sit-down after a long day in the garden and kitchen.