Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stitching and crocheting away!

Well, I decided to make another shawl. This one I will be able to wear when out and about as I can pin it and hold it in place. I was going to do it in off white but went instead with this light lavender. It is a super easy pattern but oh so pretty!
A little progress on Rainbow bridge. I am not cross stitching right now but may do a little this afternoon.

Ta dah!!!!! I finally remembered to take a picture of this for you guys. It will be framed and given to the church we recently joined. If it were humanly possible, I would make thousands of these to spread the message of Christ and His glory. I will do what i can and I will be making another I am sure once i get some more fabric as it takes a big piece!

Lastly, Jack is some better but these bad flair ups take time to right themselves. hopefully by week's end he will be back to normal. Thanks for prayers and love. God bless and have a blessed week. Huggles.


Sharon said...

I LOVE lavender! That looks like a really pretty shawl pattern!

I hope Jack feels better soon! Praying for him.

J-ME said...

Pretty shawl and I love the names of Jesus one. What is the pattern name & company? Oh, love the photos of love bug too!