Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bennie, cross stitch and jam!

Have I told you about Bennie? I can not remember. We adopted him Wednesday from the same folks we got Katie from. He is a riot and you can not hardly tell that he is mostly blind and almost totally deaf. He lives life with gusto and that tail is always wagging. You should see him playing in the backyard!

Isn't he pretty?  And Katie gets along very well with him.  But it does confuse her a bit as to why he does not respond to her barks and the fact that he often does not see her.
 Now on to stitching!  I apologize for the pic of my angel.  My camera is slowly dieing so sometimes things don't look the best.  I am nearing the end on her.  Gotta do the rest of the beads and catch some things I missed.

And here is a piece Jack is working on.  It says Bless this kitchen and at the bottem it says, It needs all the prayers it can get!  LOL!  How funny and cute!
I made some strawberry freezer jam last night. It is so tasty, like fresh fruit. I plan to make homemade bread Sunday. Do drop by for a treat!

That is it for me for now.  God bless and huggles.


Lisa said...

Congratulations on the new addition to the family! What a cutie!!!

kevin roberts said...

I had a friend who picked up an abandoned and very elderly pug that was alomost completely blind. Wonderful dog. He was walking with her once out to the end of very long pier into a lake, and when he stopped the pug cheerfully kept going out under the rails and dropped right off the end into the water.

Everybody was wet before she was finally retrieved.

Kathleen Marie said...

How wonderful to adopt you new little pup - He really needed a wonderful home and my you have been busy! I LOVE strawberry jam.....Have a great week!

Brenda said...

Beautiful work.
Do you have a recipe for the strawberry jam?

Barbara said...

Just like a man to want to bless thekitchen.

Sharon said...

Your finish is gorgeous! Congrats. Bennie is a sweetie-he is lucky to have found a home with you. I see that I have been missing your posts-I think I must still have your wordpress blog in my reader. Sorry I haven't been by!