Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little stitching!

Here is where I stand on my stitching.  First the one I am working on most.  Another bird is well on the way and now I am on to the grape leaves.  after this page is done only 3 more to go along the bottom.
And here is my red with white floss piece.  I haven't picked it up in a few days but will soon.
So there is my little short post.  Blessings and huggles.


Margaret said...

Beautiful stitching! Sylvia is adorable too!

Anonymous said...

That is so Beautiful..

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Michelle, How nice of you to visit my blog and leave such a sweet comment. Thank you for that! I love your Cross St. What you are doing is not for detailed and beautiful! My cross st. projects have been tucked away for a long time, as I learned to spin and do other crafts.

But....I love to see it, what a beautiful artform it is. And what a plus that your husband also cross sts. (every woman's I'm sorry to hear he lives with chronic pain. May the Lord bless and help him. Warm wishes for a happy day!