Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bubba Gnome, Sylvia Joy and cross stitch

Sylvia sillies

Yep, that’s our girl! Boxes and naps and all that jazz!


Bubba Gnome takes a trip

On the road to Springfield Mo for our Doctor appointment, not the gnome!  LOL!


Silliness at lunch!


Bubba was rewarded with curly fries!


Cross Stitch

I am coming along on my angel.  This is a pretty easy one with just the right amount of shading.


A close up of the area I am working in.


Jack is nearly done with his.  Finish the bunny and then a little dog to do and I think that is it.


So I hope you are blessed this week.  Huggles and prayers.


Anonymous said...

You both do beautiful needle work. The gnome is too cute!

Lucy said...

You are so funny with the gnome!!!

Margaret said...

Both your pieces are wonderful! The gnome -- love it! And lucky him with the curly fries. lol! Love sweet Sylvia too!

Pumpkin said...

Your angel is just beautiful! You've gotten quite a bit done :o)