Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We have a finish! Hooray for jack!

Jack got this book for me when we were at Wal-Mart.  He knows I love to make these little creatures and give to children.

 And here is Jack's finished Baby Quilt.  It is so pretty and will soon be going to it's home!

My first attempt at kool aid dying.  Over all I am pleased with my practice piece save for the muddy part at the bottom.  I was going for sunrise and didn't quite make it!  I will though.

My progress on the Plum and Gold Stain glass piece.  I do wish the marbled sage green fabric showed up better.

 And here we are with a couple pics of the girl.  Enjoying a nap and then playing on her new tree.

Thanks for the visit.  Blessings and huggles.


Annie said...

Hi Michelle,

I love hanging out in the sewing, etc. section of Walmart.

Dying with kool-aid? Never heard of that but it makes sense. It sure stains clothing when it spills and drips.

Kitty looks very happy. It will be play time all the time now.

Dee said...

I think your first attempt at kool aide dying turned out nice...I loved my first dying attempt with wool and plan to do more. I used an avocado seed. Jacks quilt looks great...now it just needs a baby on it. :) I look forward to see what his next project will be. Sylvia looks so content and loved. ♥

Lisa said...

Jack really outdid himself! What a BEAUTIFUL gift he has created!! :-)

Mary Ann said...

The baby quilt Jack stitched is just adorable!! And your Plum and Gold Stained Glass piece is going to be lovely!

Anonymous said...

That book looks great, I love the snail!
Congratulations to Jack on his finished quilt, it looks gorgeous.
I like your hand dyed fabric and your WIP looks great.
Lovely photos of Sylvia, her play tree is fab!

Maggie Ann said...

Your kool-aid dye-ing job turned out beautifully! I've tried it with wool and it was fun. I admire your cross st...as I always do...