Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cross stitch finish! surprise!!!!

Well, I actually managed to finish this cross stitch piece!  I had run out of crochet thread for the snowflakes I am making so I figured I could cross stitch until I got out to get more.

 Here is snowflake central in the midst of preparing to move this week.  We will be moving to a downstairs apartment with a few of trees and grass which will be nice.  And no more falling on the stairs for me!  We sign the lease Wednesday because they are installing new flooring for us.  We got a new management company and they are really fixing things and such a joy.

 The moon from the other night.  My camera is not the best for moon pics but I love doing it regardless.

 My sweet Sylvia napping on my shirt.  I always leave clothing for her to dream on.  Not spoiled is she?

Thank you so for visiting and an extra thanks to those sticking it out with me in my absence while I try to do the snowflakes.  By the time I am done I will have made around 200!


Mii Stitch said...

Lovely finish & these snowflakes looks fantastic!!

Dee said...

It will be fun to have a new apartment...new floors...and a great time to have a new floor arrangement. It is a lot of work...I hope you have a good helpers. Frank leaves his house shoes out for our kitty Ethyl to use as a pillow. She loves his shoes. :)

Cathy Pavlovich said...

Wonderful finish! Your snowflakes are lovely.

Mary Ann said...

Love your finish! And, 200 snowflakes--WOW!! They are pretty!

Minnie said...

You have been awarded the 2012 Liebster Award and can see it at:

Peggy said...

I hope you enjoy your new apartment. it's always nice to live close to some green things. Good luck with your snowflake making.

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish Michelle!