Saturday, May 11, 2013

Heavy duty stitching!

I have been hard at it on my Cardinal piece!  The main body of the Mrs. is done and the outling of her beak and eyes are done.  Jack says she needs her feet or landing on a branch might be a little rough!  I should have pointed out to him she doesn't have a branch to land on!

 Here is the progress on my Clover-leaf doily.  I am nearing the halfway point on it but may not have quite enough thread.  We will see.
 As promised, here is the "Relaxation" doily I finished last week.  It was a bit tough to press that rascal but I got it done!

 We had to make the Petsmart run for kitty foot and met this 9 year old cutie named Scooter.  His tail never seems to stop wagging!
 Simba playing with Jack is waiting for his home.
 Our sunset last night.  Love the way the sun is peeking thru the trees.
 Miss Sylvia Joy says hello!


Margaret said...

Beautiful work on the cardinal, and I love both doilies! Hope you don't runout of thread. Love the pics of the fur babies. Sylvia too, of course!

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful work on the stitching & loving your crochet work!! So pretty x

Minnie said...

Ms Cardinal is gorgeous. What do you do with all of the lovely doilies, they are so pretty. Perfect portrait of Sylvia Joy.

Lana said...

Wow! You have really been busy with the needles!! Ms. Cardinal is coming along beautifully!

Snowcatcher said...

That cardinal is eye-popping, and that blue and white doily... WOW! I love that! You do such beautiful work! Nice capture of the sunset, too!

Dee said...

Your clover leaf doily is a very sweet color and your relaxation doily is amazing. I have not seen one like it. When I first looked at your cardinal it looked like he was standing up...a 3d effect of sorts. Sylvia looks very pretty and posed for her photo . I have a hard time seeing pets waiting for homes,,,:(

PlainCatholic said...

Love those doilies!
Do you think Her Royal Catness would enjoy a Simba friend? Perhaps she prefers to be the only child.
God bless you both!

PlainCatholic said...

Tired old me hit the send button too soon. I wanted to tell you that your subtle coloring in the cardinal is a masterpiece.

Barbara said...

Doily so pretty and love to see the sun coming through the trees like that.