Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stitchy, stitchy everywhere

Well, yes I know I have been missing AGAIN!  LOL!  This time with a sick hubby over the weekend thru Monday.  He woke up Friday night with a nasty vertigo attack that beat up on him for three days.  All better now and I am back.

Been switching between cross stitch and crochet.  I have all but ten of the motifs I need for Jack's afghan.

And the Names Of Jesus piece is coming along as well.  It is very near to being done.

Jack and I are loving the colors of the sampler from Cross Country Stitching.

I got a two dollar off code for a friend's website on her latest creation and had to have it!  So pretty.  Her site is Joyful Expressions Cross Stitch if you are interested in looking around.

And of course I have to share a Sylvia Joy picture.  She is in a box under the table in the craft room on her favorite piece of velvet.  I had to have a little fun with it.


Ma Teakettle said...

Glad to hear Jack is feeling better, what a hard 3 days you both had...hugs!

"Names of Jesus" is just gorgeous, Michelle, I love the colors, and I didn't know He was known by so many names...amazing. I am with you and Jack, I love the colors of the sampler, it's coming along great. I love Joyful Expressions, and your chart is one of my favorite Psalms! Enjoy

Your crochet is beautiful, as always, and I love the thread color.

I'll take one kitten in a box please :) That Sylvia Joy is one lucky girl to have a momma that loves her so.


Margaret said...

Glad DH is feeling better. My dad gets vertigo really badly, and I get it sometimes too. Not fun. lol about Sylvia! I love that so much! Your various WIPs are looking great!

Brenda said...

I hope Jack is feeling better, vertigo can be a tricky thing to deal with! Your names of Jesus project inspired me to start my own, now to find time to get it finished. Love the picture of Sylvia. I always enjoy stopping by to see your projects have a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your husband s feeling better.
Your crochet and stitching is looking beautiful and that's a lovely new design.
Sylvia looks so comfy!

Chava said...

Long time lurker here. I love your blog! :) I had a dream about the different names of God cross stitch, that you had to cross stitch God's beard multiple times lol!

I love your cat pics, really adorable. She reminds me of our Tuxedo cat Radar who was a squishy pile of chubbles :).

Marlene Jones said...

One kitty for me please, hope your hubby is feeling better. love your stitching.

Minnie said...

I get vertigo too, definitely no fun. Friends of mine suggested that I take Dramamine(containing Meclizine)for motion sickness. It worked for me. Great stitching as always.