Friday, January 30, 2015

Playing with flowers!

I have had the urge to work on flowers for a wreath I am planning on making.  Yesterday I made a lilly.
Today, it was a start on morning glories.  I think I will also have a sunflower, some roses, acorns, oak and maple leaves and not sure what else I will crochet for it.
Caught Sylvia Joy napping under the table.
And of course up behind me too.
A day or so ago we were able to have the windows open and Sylvia sure did enjoy it!
Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Lana said...

Your flowers are so colorful! Every time I see your crochet posts it reminds me I need to go on YouTube and learn how to do some yarn arts! (Knitting and crocheting) because I NEED more hobbies! Ha!

Ortizadas said...

Hope to see that wreath, pretty lilly and morning glory, you need a carnation or a tulip (I love tulips) ;-)
¡Have a nice weekend!

Mii Stitch said...

Pretty flowers, the lily is just beautiful :)

Mary Ann said...

The wreath is going to be amazing--the flowers you have so far are lovely!!

Dee said...

I am catching up reading blogs today. I am finally back in blog land. I hope you and jack are feeling better. It is bad enough being sick but when both are ...what a mess. It is good to see Sylvia...I miss my Lucy so very much. :( I love that jacket you are making...I look forward to seeing it finished. The wreath sounds interesting...will it be for Spring?

PlainCatholic said...

God bless Jacinda, may she rest in peace. Prayers for Jack to return to good health!