Saturday, March 28, 2015

Crochet and wicked weather!

Well, I am nearly buried in my yo-yo's!  And I nearly have done all I need.  I have 155 to do of the 640 I need.  Hooray.  I have been working on the first strip to see what it looks like.

Jack is back to cross stitching and working on some cute quilt squares.  His hand is not 100% but it is well enough he canceled his appointment with a specialist.  I believe it is on the mend.
Had some nasty weather Wednesday night.  Tornadoes all around us and very large hail.  We only got winds, lots of rain and some pea size hail.  The lightening was wicked!

And Sylvia has been, well, Sylvia.  She beat up a mouse and the tablecloth here.
Really enjoyed some belly loves.
Took a nap.
And loved on Jack.

That is our week in a nutshell!  Blessing and huggles and thanks for visiting


Lana said...

Great progress on your yo yos! They're coming right along!! Oooh! Scary weather!! I love storms- thunder and lightning, bring it on! But Tornadoes? No thank you! Glad ya'll are safe! Cute Sylvia pics as always!!!

Lana said...

Oh yeah! Glad to hear Jacks hand is doing better and he's back on with his stitching!! His little square is cute!

Margaret said...

Love how your crochet is coming together. Glad to hear Jack's hand is getting better and he is back to cross stitching. Sylvia is a little mush, isn't she? So sweet!

Marlene jones said...

So glad Jack is on the mend, send him my best wishes. I am loving your yoyo's. I don't think I will ever be able to complain regarding British weather.

KC Bob said...

Weather has been nice here in KC but it is just the beginning of Spring.

Anna TheSmellyLady said...

ha that last picture of Sylvia...."Jack's mot going anywhere" :-)

We just got rain the other day. All of the storms went north or south of us, as usual.