Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Friday!

Well, I finished the afghan repairs and it is on it's way home.  Sylvia Joy helped me finish it up.
Even with the work around here, after a couple days of no stitching or crocheting I got fidgety and found something to entertain myself with using the yarn left from the afghan repair.  The squares are not to difficult and about 12 inches so it has been quick and fun.
We were blessed with some beautiful sunsets of late.  I can not wait to move and be able to get better pictures, nor will I miss the four dump trucks driving by at dawn just 15 feet from our townhouse! Living next to a storage place is not so glamorous.  LOL!

 We have pared down so much stuff that it is all fitting nicely in the dining room.  Bringing things downstairs little by little is easier on it.  Then out the front door it will go and no running upstairs after things. This is before the last four small pieces of furniture come down and the head and foot board.  Not all of it is boxes here.  My dining table and two dining chairs and a cd cabinet are buried in there too.
Silly Sylvia time now.  Wallering a t shirt that escaped the clothes basket.
Watching television.
Being cute.

And napping.
Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Marlene jones said...

Lovely skies, packing is coming along well, Sylvia being herself, hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you.

rosey175 said...

Wow, those squares look great but no where near 12"! Amazing what picture perspectives do.

We too have been having some lovely sunsets. I'm sure y'all will be so glad to get this move out of the way~

Chava said...

Praying the move goes well! :) Love the cat pics! :)

Ortizadas said...

Beautiful sunset pictures, good ideas for packing and kiss for the cutie (sylvia) :)))

Nancie said...

Beautiful sunsets! And Sylvia Joy is so cute :)

Have you moved? I moved about 1.5 years ago to my current home. It was a very busy and tiring time! I got the mover to help because we have a lot of big furniture, and my mum and I can't manage on our own. Some church friends did helped us with moving the smaller items. Hope you settle well into your new home, Michelle.

Warm regards,
More Than Conquerors:

Maggie Ann said...

It looks like you've gotten so much boxed up....hope it continues to go well and you don't over-do. I liked that cute picture of Sylvia Joy watching tv. We had a cat dropped off.....we think she will be having kittens and was a house cat. She is so affectionate and fun.