Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Saturday!

I have two finishes this time.  First the rug for Jack's side of the bed.  I am pleased how it came out and it is just a simple circle pattern of half crochet.
And I finished my little white on red cross stitch as well.
There is some progress on my rosewood Manor piece also.  But not a lot with all the bits I wanted to finish up.

And I am nearly done with my poncho!  I love finishing things up!  It seems you work and work forever and then suddenly you are finishing!
Oh and I must leave you with a Sylvia Joy picture! Just chilling and showing that tummy heart!
Huggles and blessings and thanks for visiting.


Marlene jones said...

There is nothing better when working on a project than to see the finish point.

rosey175 said...

Beautiful white on red stitch! I find myself more and more attracted to monochrome pieces.

Love Sylvia's tummy heart. When my Peanut lays with his front paws outstretched together, he has a leg heart. :)