Saturday, July 30, 2016

Long Time Coming For This Finish!

At last I finished my pinwheel doily! Been working on it off and on for about a year now. Doing the happy dance for sure.
Now I have pulled out my grape doily to try and finish it. Just need to do the grape clusters and the leaves between. However, those clusters are slow going!
And now the Sylvia sillies. This week has been all about beating up her bits of yarn and fingers that get to close!

Thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings!


PlainCatholic said...

That pinwheel doily is STUNNING! Good on ya! Hugs to you all and may God grace you with beautiful blessings!

Marlene jones said...

Wow, wow and wow, what a lovely finish, stunning work. Our cats have been asleep most of the time, we don't get so much hot weather, so when it comes they rest.

Anonymous said...

Love, love the grape doily ...will have to send pix of what my Mom did many, many years ago (purple theme) on a towel/basket.

Karyn said...

Oh Michelle your handwork is just amazing...I haven't seen anything as breathtaking since my great grandmother's and she was the best. :)
Your pinwheel doily is stunning and I can see why it took a year! I am awed by your grape doily, it is also amaze me <3
Miss Sylvia is too funny...what a face that sweet girl has
Have a blessed Sunday...and may your week be peaceful
Hugs, dear friend

Ortizadas said...

Lovely doily, A+ for your hard work on it.

rosey175 said...

Congrats on your beautiful doily finish! I do not envy your 800 sc border LOL. I believe I have that pattern for the grape doily; I like the look of it a lot. 3D doilies puzzle me though! I am afraid to put things on them.

Lana said...

Your pinwheel doily is beautiful!! Congrats on that wonderful finish!! I love those little grapes!! So cute!!

Maggie Ann said...

Your doilies are beautiful....those grape clusters are impressive!