Sunday, November 13, 2016

What Am I Up Too?

So today is a good day! I finished up the three dozen snowmen and have four snowmen to go on the two dozen.

Now onto what Jack has been up too! Still working on quilt squares.
And now Sylvia time. Here she is after a session of yarn wars.
And plenty of time for maxing out and napping!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Laura Lane said...

Oh girl! I have GOT to get busy!
Sylvia doesn't look particularly happy.
Better get some catnip!

Do you have color in Arkansas yet?
It's pretty drab here in SW MO.


Mii Stitch said...

The both of you are so productive!!! Lovely work :)

Poppypatchwork said...

Bet your glad the snowmen are done. It's a great time of year for cats, our two hardly ever go out, and sleep in warm spots around the house.

Bean said...

All of the projects look fabulous. Those little snowmen are adorable.

janice15 said...

AI love your snowmen... They are my favorite things of Christmas.. Sylvia.. Is to much cute... My son just brought a baby kitty the other day to mamas.. I had forgotten what they were like boy he is ever so busy.. Hes a strip kitty named flash.. And I think thats about right he flies out of no where and makes a flash appeareance to attach you hehe... He dispite the fact that my son told him no and even spanked his bottom repeatedly attacked his feet ran away and came back to do more damage all the time me laughing cept when he got spanked.. But he didnt care he just came right back and did it again... And now my oldest daughter who lives there is saying omg mom she has a small dogs who was at dirst ok but the kitty wasnt now the dogs trying to charge him, loland hes jumping on the table and everywhere.. Long story. But had to tell her sorry they had to put up with your dog now its the same for you.. I find it all very funny.. He is adorable though.. He slept all night with me.. Being a good boy .. I love Jacks stitching he is really good at it, the same for you and your crocheting.. Be blessed have a wonderful day with love Janice

Lynda said...

The snowmen are so cute!!!

And I see Sylvia wore herself out with all that yarn waring :)) xx