Sunday, August 20, 2017

Crochet and cross stitch!

Hello again friends! I managed some crocheting and cross stitch this week. Here is the cross stitch progress. I love doing the Joyful Expressions pattern Names Of Jesus piece. I can never do it to much!
Lots of progress also on the shawl as you can see.
Jack insisted on getting me this yarn as it was on sale and I gave in! LOL! It is Yarn Bee in a color combo called green Tea Swirl. It will become and afghan and I have some other fallish colors picked out to go with it.
Other than finishing up the large order of angels and snow flakes, that is about it for this week on stitching. Let me share a beautiful moth with you. It is called a polyphemus moth and this one is a male about four inches wingtip to wingtip.
Now we will finish up with silly Sylvia! Also a beautiful cloud!

Thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings!


Little Penpen said...

You are staying busy, for sure! I think your shawl is going to be gorgeous. I like the cross stitch piece. I remember a song about Praise, Praise, .... Praise to the One who gave us His son... then it goes into a long list of names for Jesus. I had my kids memorize it when they were little.

Lynda said...

All your projects are lovely!

But I'm glad the moth is at your place and not mine...I have a moth phobia :(((

Looking forward to seeing how your Tea Swirl yarn crochets up.

I've just ordered some new green yarn online. xx

Margaret said...

Your stitching and crochet are beautiful! Love your new yarn too. That moth is amazing! Wow! I bet Sylvia was interested. :D

Laura Lane said...

That's cool yarn! Jack was right. Great cloud picture. Be blessed!