Sunday, April 15, 2018

Back Again!

Sorry about being gone over a month. In March it was just laziness. The first week of April however was the Orthodox Christian Holy week. During this time there are about 30 hours of service. No, we did not go to all services. Too much when you are not healthy, plus I had an upper respiratory infection again. Now my Jack is sick! So let's get on to some visiting.
     I have loved this towel from the first I saw it. I would not pay twenty five dollars for it! That is plum silly! However, when it was marked down to next to nothing, it came home with us! Jack will be doing it.
And this Names Of Jesus piece is all done!
I have also started on another for another friend.
Saturday I put together some shelves and unloaded my yarn on to them.

And doing that, I found some squares I had done some time ago and forgotten about. They will becoming covers for couch pillows.
And I found a simple little pattern for scraps of left over yarn. Something I can easily take with me to the Doctor's etc..
When I was praying the other morning, I noticed lots and lots of Baltimore Orioles all thru the trees! What a wonderful start to the day!

Now today although it is pretty chilly after a couple really nice days, we have baby leaves on the tree!
And last but not leat, Sylvia Joy in all her glory!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings!


Marlene Jones said...

I hope both you and Jack are feeling better soon. Does Sylvia not play with your wool, my cats are OK whilst I am using yarn, but I would not leave it anywhere where they can get to it.

Little Penpen said...

Hello again! Your cross stitch peace is wonderful!! How sweet that you are making another for a friend. That towel is so cute and I'm glad you were able to find it at a great markdown. Your crochet is very pretty. The birds look a lot like yellow finches that we see in our yard. But yours must be larger to show up so pretty in the photo's. I hope both of you are feeling better and hi to Sylvia!

Regina said...

Welcome back! I'm sorry sickness keeps invading your home. Maybe once spring is in full swing you two won't be getting sick as often. I hope you and Jack enjoy your needle work.

Seeing your yarn balls reminds me I need to wind up several skeins. I used to have a yarn winder but I don't know what became of it. It might still be packed away in the garage somewhere.
Give Sylvia a hug from me!

Maggie Ann said...

I hope your husband feels better soon! Your cross st. is lovely! and it must have been a treat to see those pretty yellow birds outside the window.

Joyful said...

Looks like the Blue Fabric with Yellow Floss "His Name is Jesus" is going to be quite nice too!