Friday, December 7, 2018

Back with lots to share!

Let's start off with some of what Michelle is making. I made myself a tam for cold days.

Now I am making several cloche hats for folks. Here are two of them.
I am also sewing crosses I crocheted on our churches linens.
Made a scarf for a friend at church as well.
I have done a few other things as well, but much of my time is spent trying to keep up with the housework and caring for my Jack. We found out his diabetes has caused nerve damage in his feet and legs causing swelling and pain and trouble with balance. When it is bad, he can hardly get around.
Now onto Sylvia nonsense! How she managed to do this is beyond me!
And many naps are needed since it is colder.
W had a skiff of snow last month and maybe more this weekend.

And a beautiful full moon last month also.
We have a darling new neighbor!
These two here love peanuts and screech loudly when they get them. One of these days they will startle me to death!

We also enjoyed a one dillar and seventy cent mum in the apartment for nearly a month.
And Wednesday night we had a special Divine Liturgy for St. Nicholas, our patron saint. A table is put out for children to leave their shoes for him to fill with candy!

So thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.


Mary said...

It’s so nice to see you back, I’ve missed your posts Michelle. I love that beret, very snazzy!

Pen Wilcock said...

Such wonderful photos! I specially love the one of the moon. I'm so sorry about Jack's feet and legs. xx

Poppypatchwork said...

I hope Jack can find some relief, it does sound painful, your work as always is beautiful. Does Sylvia like your new neighbour, or are you keeping them apart. Never heard of a shoe table before, bet the kids loved it.

Sandra said...

Loved visiting with you, you've made some very pretty things :) Hope your Jack feels better.

Regina said...

Michelle your hat looks absolutely smashing! You look really great in it. I'm sorry your dear Jack is having so much pain. I'm taking gabapentin for my nerve pain. Is that what Jack is taking?
I love the Sylvia picture. It looks like she had pulled her tail over to look like a mustache!

Maggie Ann said...

Wishing you and your husband a Blessed Christmas! I hope he gets some relief from the nerve damage. My husband has that also.

Margaret said...

You have been busy with your crochet! Beautiful work! So sorry to hear about Jack's nerve damage. Hope he is doing better overall now. Cute Sylvia is always a pleasure to see!

Laura Lane said...

Lovely post, lovely tam, lovely friend.

rosey175 said...

o my gosh, look at the bow on your new neighbor! Our cats tend to get things stuck in very odd places too. I have yet to find a certain toy; maybe I need to start checking door jambs!

Your crocheting is lovely. I hope things ease up for you and Jack gets to feeling better soon!

Pradeepa said...

Your crochet works are all wonderful! Enjoyed your photos and the idea of a shoe table is very interesting. Hope your Jack feels better soon!

Snowcatcher said...

Don't you just love those bargain flowers?!? I've had great joy from a really cheap amaryllis I bought a few years ago in January for something like $2. It's still blooming every year!

Your crochet work is beautiful, as always!