Thursday, January 17, 2019

At Last!

Well let's see if this works today! I am working on a scarf for Jack. Since this picture I have finished nearly all the stitching save a quarter of the last row.
I also have started a baby blanket. Trying to use up some bits and bobs.
I do not believe I shared this yet, so if I did forgive me. This is a baby blanket jack made for a new baby at church.
I have been doing some coloring as well with the set of gel pens Jack got for me. I really ;ove those gel pens too. Such fun!

Jack also brought me home a batch of what they call crazy daisies and I love them! I have another sinus infection and he thought they would cheer me. That they did and they are still going strong a week on.
Our poinsettia we bought in December is also still going strong!
 Our treat in December was baklava our church ladies make and sell every year. Oh my so good!
I thought you would enjoy this picture of the fiery touch of the sunset the other day on one of the trees here too.
And what of Sylvia you ask? well she is helping mom sew the crosses on the church linens.
And taking lots and lots of winter naps.
So thanks for visiting. I hope to not be so long posting next time! Huggles and blessings.


Carol said...

The blanket that Jack made is absolutely adorable. I am sure that the lucky recipient will love it! My poinsettia is still really nice too.

Poppypatchwork said...

So many lovely projects from both of you. Our cat's don't leave their warm snugly baskets, which happen to be next to our radiators.

Bean said...

As usual, beautiful work by the two of you. Hope you are feeling better soon. And Sylvia sure enjoys life :)


Pen Wilcock said...

Such beautiful creations! I especially love the bay blanket you are crocheting.

rosey175 said...

I feel as though I need to be taking lots of winter naps, too! You've done a lot since the last post and your flowers look wonderful. I managed to keep a poinsettia alive (a first!) from 2017's Christmas but it didn't totally change to red. I think I gave it too much light. Gel pens are awesome for coloring!

Regina said...

Thst baklava looks so good! Cats look so cute when they are sleeping😊


Beautiful and very beautiful

Margaret said...

Beautiful work from both you and your sweetie. Always love seeing what you're up to. Hope that sinus infection goes away. Give Sylvia lots of cuddles!

Laura Lane said...

So glad to catch up a bit.

Nancie said...

Hi Michelle, It's been a very long time but I am back! So happy to see your handiwork again. The flowers are lovely and Sylvia is cute. May God bless you in this new year! Warm regards, Nancie

Ortizadas said...

So many good projects, love the blanket.
Hope you are better from the sinus.
Good day!