Saturday, January 25, 2020

Got Lost again!

Sorry for the long absence! Sometime life gets in the way. Been some sickness, some busyness and < I am sure, some laziness! LOL! I am trying to finish up a very large order I promised to have ready and shipped by end of January. With hard work, it is nearly done and will be finished by tomorrow. This is what has taken me so long on the order. A tablecloth about 70 inches in size.

I did manage to make a vest for myself on a me day. It is fun to do as it is all done in one piece and sewn at the shoulders.
On another me day, I took time to do the first square on the Moogly Blog 2020 sew along. The next square is out and I will get it done this week.
I even squeezed in time to start a blanket Jack wants for when he is on the floor trying to ease his legs. The other afghans are a bit to small. This pattern is Families of Change by Frank O'Randle.
Jack is also still very busy making baby blankets as well. I have two I need to put a back on for him yet.
Now on to other fun things. Jack and I got a lovely card from the Sunday School kiddos and this Norfolk pine. The pine has been named Phineas.
We also had a bit of an ice storm last weekend. It cleared quickly thankfully and the crepe myrtles looked lovely!

Can you find the blue jay? He came to visit.
I leave you with silly Sylvia pictures!

Thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.


Lynda said...

Lovely to see a post from you Michelle, and your crochet work is beautiful! xx

Carol said...

I love the vest! The tablecloth is a real beauty as well.

Little Penpen said...

Hey there!! That table cloth is incredibly beautiful!! You are so talented. I like hubbys baby blanket work, too. I enjoy stamped cross stitch too. Great to see you!!

Poppypatchwork said...

Your table cloth is just stunning, so beautiful, and a husband who stitches.

Margaret said...

Oh my, that tablecloth stopped me in my tracks. Gorgeous! Wow! Love seeing everything you and Jack are working on. And of course, love seeing Sylvia too!