Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Monday ride

Katie-Bug here! We took a little cruise yesterday so i wanted to share it with you! Dad and I waiting for mom! Hurry up mom!

One of the winding country roads mom loves.

Mom loves barns!

Look at the country church we found!

Cows!!!! i barked and barked at them!

Mom loves this barn on a hill in a town east of us.

And this house that belongs with the barn! What a view!

Now pardon me, I need a nap!


  1. Very cute! I love the old farms, barns and houses, too. I like to paint them.

  2. What beautiful countryside pictures!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Now have a good nap Katie!

  3. What a charming blog you have - I am off to read yet more of it

  4. You had such a great ride: thanks for sharing these pics; they're the kind that makes me feel like visiting your country some day...
    I really enjoyed the goodbye mum story btw, and so did DH.
    Stitching: this square will look great, I love these country designs (I know, I've said it already...).
    Take care you two, and please give Katie a hug for me!

  5. Gorgeous country from a dog's eye view! How cute!


  6. What a lovely ride you had with such senic pictures!
    Katie deserves a good long nap after rounding up all those cows!

  7. Michelle, loved the windy road and all the scenic barns and lovely farmhouse. The Country Church looked so prestine. They really take good care of it don't they!

    Katie-Bug seemed happy. Funny how she lets you cover her up with the blanket. Our dog Shivan never lets us do that, but then it's 80 degrees down here. *smile*

  8. Katie Bug certainly does know how to give a tour!! I so enjoyed myself:-) What a beautiful scenic route and I just loved the red barn!! xox

  9. What GORGEOUS photos. It looks like my home town :) I enjoyed those.

  10. Road trip through the eyes of Katie. LOL, I love it! So pooped at the end. Hee Hee


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