Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend ice storm

Several states experienced a terrible ice storm this weekend. This is in my hometown. It came in 3 waves starting Friday morning with rain and warm temps. By suppertime it was freezing rain. At 9 the lights began to flicker and we knew what was coming and prepared to hunker down. At midnight the lights went out. They came back on for 4 hours Saturday afternoon and were out again before seven that evening. But it allowed the house to warm back up. They were out until they came back on for about an hour Sunday night again allowing the house to warm some. Finally Monday about one in the afternoon they came on for good so far! We are praying they stay on! By friday night in this surrounding area, 100,000 homes and businesses were without power, by Saturday night it was around 200,000 and by Sunday around 300,000. I am pleased to say that that number is coming down all the time and is back around the 100,000 mark. Many small towns are nearly 100% without power. Our landlord opened up a duplex with a fireplace for those without to stay warm. Many restaurants offered free meals to people and there was a lot of folks going out of their way to help others. There were very little incidents of people behaving badly which is not unexpected here in the Ozarks! We did lose our refrigerator stuff which wasn't a lot. Our meats were in the freezer in the garage and they survived nicely! Please continue to pray for all the states hit with this storm! Now here is a funny story! Tame turkeys are known for being really stupid! A lady told about one of hers that sat in the tree during the storm. Well, he ended up with his feet frozen to the tree! He didn't have the sense to realize he needed to come out of the tree! They had to pour lukewarm water on his feet to get him off of there! Dumb bird! LOL!


Vonna said...

Glad to see that your spirit is up although you've had a rough time! I enjoyed the pics...and the comments with "Katie observing the damage" made me laugh outloud...she was really interested in everything, wasn't she?!

Vicki said...

This has been one nasty storm. Glad you guys made it through okay. LOL about the turhey story. Too funny!

Kristin said...

Stay safe Michelle!

Susie said...

Your storm sounds terrible! Glad you're safe..
We're in the midst of freezing temperatures but no rain. It's 25º as I write this..brrr!

Lili said...

Hi Michelle!
I hadn't realized that weather conditions were so bad in Missouri! I don't watch TV very often so I found out on your blog and watched the news... Thank you for sharing the pics that help me be aware of what happens over there. This is real scary -yet beautiful at the same time. I loved reading about people helping each other too. I hope you all are OK, and that Katie's ear is healing right. Poor baby...
Take care, my friend. You are in my thoughts.
PS: I am sorry to read that you have to move because of rent increase... It's getting crazy here too. How do you like your future house?

Martha said...

Your pics look very much like here four years ago. Those are the ice storms we never forget.

We had a little bit of ice too. Just enough to make it pretty.

Tammy said...

Michelle, glad to see you made it thru safe and sound. We were worried about you! We did get some ice and about 4 inches of snow in our area, but not near as what you had. Glad to see all is fine!

Justin said...

hey, wat has the snow done to the streets n to the house there!! Katie is a gud observer I guess.
And hey, you can check this out Dog Of The Week Contest!. You too can send in your entry for the next week.

take care

Annemarie said...

Goodness, Michelle, I do hope the worst is over for you!

BeckySC said...

Hi Michelle :) Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I have always enjoyed your visits and glad to see you back....and myself back :) LOL!
We are having Ice today and it's COLD here...NOY typical SC weather :)
Stay safe :)

Kitty said...

Hi Michelle,
Thank you so much for your visits, it makes my blog so warm!!
I hope by now your weather gets better, and yes, I'll keep praying for you all!!
Best wishes for moving to your new home!!
By the way, the slide show is great, it tells a lot! Well done Michelle!!


Martha said...

Thinking about you, Jack and Katie. I heard Missouri is getting more snow. Hope you are safe and warm.