Friday, March 2, 2007

Let's laugh at katie and visit

Isn't this pic of Katie a riot? I took it last night at bedtime. Katie has taken over this little blanket our niece made for Jack and I. I guess a princess needs 100 and 1 blankies. LOL!
Now to answer some questions about how we learned to cross stitch. Mostly about how Jack did. I learned to cross stitch when I was 9 years old. After mom died my counselor suggested I pick up a hobby to help me cope with my loss. I have loved it every since then. I learned to crochet when my aunt taught me as a teenager and have just picked up other hobbies as I went along. Jack learned to do long stitch crewel as his first sewing hobby. He had broken his shoulder and needed some range of motion activites to help regain function and strength in his arm. I suggested he try needlewok and had a crewel kit on hand too. Eventually he switched to stamped cross stitch and has been doing it since then. His work is so wonderful and I am not just saying that because I taught him. Well, not 100% any way!!!! LOL! So there it is in a nutshell. That is how we became the sew n' sews!
Now for one more answer to a question. How we have stayed married for nearly 27 years.
First is by having God in our relationship. We also have done our best to find interests we both like to do together and we have a lot of respect for one anothers feelings and needs. We talk things out if there is a problem or concern and we share every aspect of our daily lives. We have also learned not to make such a big deal out of the little quirks that the other might have that drives us nuts. If it really bothers us, we talk about it and work it out. Other little quirks we just smile about, laugh about and forget it and live with it. And I think the most important part is this. We say I love you many times a day and mean it. The best part? Almost every day we try at least once to forget we are adults and act like kids! Life is too darn serious not too. No marriage is 100% perfect but it can certainly be fun and fulfilling and happy. We are each others best friends. That is all I have to gab about right now! Huggles and have a blessed day!


  1. What a wonderful post Michelle! I marriage is 100% happy, but having God in your marriage and being best friends makes the road a little less rocky :)

    Katie is a sweet heart and just reminds me of a human little girl :)

  2. So cool that you taught your sweetie needlework. I have to agree with you on the relationship tips....though my son would say we need to take a break from being kids and act like adults once in awhile...he thinks we're "corny"!

  3. It was so interesting to find out how you both started to stitch...Jack certainly is a natural at it, good thing you suggested him trying it out! I just love the work both you guys do...beautiful!! Love that picture of Katie! LOL It certainly is wonderful to hear that after 27 years of being married, you and Jack are still so happy together! I'm afraid it's the opposite for me...I'll have been married 31 years in June and we barely even speak or see each other. A few years back we decided to just be friends and we just share the house now, otherwise we pretty much go our own way. Much love xoxo

  4. Hello-stopping by from the party. I love your little pics on your sidebar. I think it is neat when men do those crafty things. My grandfather used to sew and make toilet seat covers and decorative pillow. He actually did a better job than my grandmother. They had a booth at Canton Texas. Have a Happy Friday. Enjoy the Party

  5. I really enjoyed my visit to your blog! I was born in the Ozarks, went to college there, fell in love and married I've always felt that a little piece of my heart is still there.

    Come visit my "party" when you can...

  6. LOVE your attitude about life! Sounds like you and your hubby have a GREAT life together.

    I thought about getting my mom a minpin years ago - cause I wanted one! she said no thanks! :)

  7. I agree 100% with your recipe: makes it all work whatever happens!
    Hugs to Katie!

  8. Being friends and having fun with life are certainly some of the keys to a long lasting marriage.
    You've also found common interests which always helps the marriage bond..

  9. I totally agree, God in your marraige is KEY. Since you love to laugh, head on over to my party for some great stories! Go to the bathroom first, and don't say I didn't warn you!

  10. Hi Michelle,

    Your recipe for a good marriage seems to be working well for you and Jack.

    Katie-Bug sure looks comfortable. She knows how to keep warm.

  11. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the sunshine!


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