Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Saturday!

I finally found a picture of Life's lesson! Happy dance for sure. You will find it on my progress area. Now you can see what it looks like. Not the best picture but it will have to do

And this is our plan for the day. Yep, lots of relaxing before things get really busy starting tomorrow afternoon. Ugghh!!!!!!!! i am tired already thinking about it. Anyone want to come and help move? I will even feed you! LOL! Bribery!

I want to share a picture of Jack and our neice Tina. This is when she first came home from Kansas in November of 2005. She is now in a facility north of here. I can not believe that child turned 27 in January of this year! She is my pride and joy with all her issues and behaviors. I love her just as she is! Not to say I don't wish she could have a normal life and be like other young women her age. Sadly Tina will always be a child in a womans body. You see, her mom chose to use drugs while pregnant and then abandoned Tina when she was only five years old. My brother never wanted her either and none of them including my dad even told Jack and I about Tina until she was nearly 10 years old! We would have gladly taken her and raised her if only given the opportunity. But we have made up for lost time and we are the only mom and dad that girl has. Her parents are out of the picture for good now. Makes me sad but their take on the situation is that everyone would be better off if Tina had of been aborted before she was even born. Not in my books! That really upsets me to no end! So before I go on and on I will stop there. Feel free to ask me more about her and I will gladly tell you.
Oh and lastly, I have a shoutbox on here now if you just want to holler at me real quick.


Susie said...

What a wonderful blessing Tina is to you and Jack. I know you must be wonderful surrogate parents to her.

Carrie said...

What a blessing! Thanks for sharing about your special relationship with your niece! I'm glad she has you and your husband!

Vonna said...

Tina is lucky to have you both as parents, no matter if you were biological as not. You and Jack are truly special people...angel at work on earth :)

Aunt Julia said...

I think it is less important whether you are the biological parent or not, it is the special moments which you all share together which matters.

Aunt Julia,

Christine said...

As an adopted child myself, I can tell you what a blessing you & hubby are! My 'real parents'divorced when I was 5 & my aunt & uncle(mom & dad!!) took me and my younger brother in as their own. I do not think I would be the person I am today without their love & support! God bless~

JOT said...

It is lovely that Tina has you!

Good luck with your move - I wish I could come and help but it is a bit far to travel (I am in the UK). :)

groovyoldlady said...

God cares for the widows and the orphans. It's beautiful to see how He is using you in your niece's life!