Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stitchy update!

Well, here is my stitching for the week. I don't think it is a lot of progress but some is better than none! LOL! I have just put down my fairy and picked up the sampler. I really like having two projects going at one time. Don't get bored with them when they are so large!

On a non stitchy note. My but we had the rain last night and most of today. Overnight we had nearly 2 inches. There were flood warnings all over the place as some areas got even more than we did. I for one am not complaining over the rain at all. We have been in a drought for 2 years at least. This last summer farmers had to feed hay to their livestock. They were scrambling to even find any as the hay crop was pretty much gone too. And most farms around here also had no pumpkins for halloween due to a couple factors. Most farms cancelled fall activities because of the drought. I pray and hope this rainy week is the end of the lack of moisture.


Lili said...

It's been a while, and it's always such pleasure to read your blog, Michelle! I think your DH is very much loved and I love seeing people who love each other so wisely and totally. Dh and I do too, and that sure is a key to happiness.
Lovely stitching updates, too! I am impressed at the progress on the beautiful lady that you started not long ago!
Give a hug to Katie!

Vonna said...

Your projects are simply beautiful Michelle! Great, super, stupendous job!!
We're expecting rain today....probably left over from what hit you :)

PEA said...

Love seeing the progress you're making on your projects!! Glad to hear you got some much needed rain! We're still having some winter like conditions here but it's supposed to start warming up and they're forecasting rain for the weekend...still better than SNOW! lol Much love xoxox

groovyoldlady said...

Bautiful work! I wish I had known how to post pics when I was doing the horrible, evil 300 bazillion stitch latchhook wall hanging for my mom. It would have encouraged me to be able to document my progress. I hate latch hook!

Cross-stitch is, of course, a different matter. It's actually enjoyable, unless you screw up - which I always do!

For a while my hubby, my eldest daughter and I were all cross-stitiching. At that time the most common phrase in our house was, "Just one more row!"

JOT said...

Lovely stitching! I can't believe how much you have done on your fairy - you are wizzing along!

I wish I was able to send you some of our rain, although it sounds like you don't need it now!

vegasangelbrat said...

Looking nice Chell!!! Is it done yet? lol