Monday, April 2, 2007

Good Monday morning!

Here is a little tree behind th duplex! I thought it was very pretty. Thought you might like to see it too! And I have made progress on my stitching too!I am 25% done on Life's Lesson and about 40% done on Middie. With all that is going on, I am surprised I got so much done! May not be much stitching done this week.

We are moving tomorrow and I will be offline probably until the 6th. I will have lots to catch up on because I haven't had much chance to read any blogs today. I miss that a lot. Believe me I will get some if not all of them read today. So if you don't see a comment from me that is why. Look forward to seeing you later this week! Oh and I tried a little different layout on this post. Don't like it so back to my old way of doing it!


  1. Lovely spring trees :)
    Your stitching is coming along FAST!
    Have a safe move!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Beautiful flowering tree (peach perhaps?)
    I used to have one in our old house that never bore fruit, but was gorgeous like this.
    You'll be missed during your off line time. I pray that your move will be safe and uneventful..

  3. Wow, it is definitely spring in your area but the sun did shine here a bit today...promising!

  4. Beautiful tree!! I'm eagerly waiting for my peach tree to blossom. There are buds all over it.

    Good luck with the move!

  5. Oh how I love those trees...look at all those blooms!! Beautiful! You are doing sooo well with your stitching...that faerie has me fascinated, can't wait until you're done!! lol Best of luck with your move...we'll miss you until you can get back online!! Much love xoxo

  6. wow the tree is stunning! Your stitching even more beautiful!

  7. So, so beautiful. I will be looking forward to your getting back online. Hope the move goes well. connie from Texas

  8. love the photos and your xstitching is beautiful!!! I wish I could sit down and do it! Used to do alot, but I'm afraid my babies would just tangle up in the thread these days lol

  9. You are creative like your Master!

    Hope the move is going well...


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