Monday, April 30, 2007

The random test!

My groovy friend has given me some random questions to answer! If anything offends you, so sorry but I answered honestly as I feel! Told her I would post it tomorrow but here it is for today!

1. If you could have Mavis the Maid (She comes very highly recommended) on a consistant basis, which one household/cleaning chore would you be thrilled to get out of doing?
That would have to be cleaning the oven!

2. Tell us the truth: Have you ever broken the law? What did you do?
The worst I have done is get a ticket for being in a turn lane and NOT turning! OOPs!

3. Have you ever embarassed yourself in front of a crowd? What happened?
Yep. My panty hose gave out and almost ended up around my ankles! I managed to beat a hasty retreat to the little girls room! LOL!

4. You've selected a stunning new outfit to wear to an important event. Time is running short. You are rushing to get dressed and suddenly realize that said outfit absolutely DOES NOT fit. What do you do?
I would just put it away and find something else in my closet to wear!

5. Hey...Lucky You! You get to be the President of the United States for one entire week. Any changes you make will become a permanent part of American history. What are the top-three items on your to-do list?
First, I would do away with abortion. Second, I would find alternatives to oil to help cut our dependency on it. Third, I would try to find a way for everyone to have health care.


Kathleen Marie said...

Love the pantyhose story! How embarrassing but at least you had the presence of mind to wiggle you way to the ladies room.

I would also end abortion! Way to go girl!


Susie said...

Great answers Michelle and not in the least bit offensive (to me anyway!)
Health care especially is of great concern in the US!!

By the grace of God ... said...

Great answers -- I wish YOU could become President for a week and accomplish all that. Now that would be a blessing!! (and a miracle!)

Penless Thoughts said...

Michelle, I'm starting a campaign for you to run for President after those 3 great things you would do. I would also add put prayer and God back in school. Vote for Michelle!!!

groovyoldlady said...

Imagine what The Enquirer would do with a story about the President's panty-hose being around her ankles! :O

Andie said...

LOL Michelle, before I even read your answers I had thought of the first 2 LOL And I don't even live in the states :) I was watching a christian channel the other day that was talking about live birth abortions in the U.S and I was absolutly horrified!!!!

PEA said...

I had to answer the same questions! hehe Groovy did give us some very good ones!! Loved all your answers..still giggling about the panty hose incident! lol xoxo