Friday, April 6, 2007

Celebrating life

Bubba Joe 6-26-1997 to 3-26-2004

This article is my submission to the blog challenge sponsored by Art Bookbindery, "Empowering Writers to Self Publish." This Article is in celebration of life reflecting upon the Resurrection of Jesus.
Perhaps it might seem funny to write such an article based upon a pet. I do hope you will take the time to read it before you pass judgement.
This story starts on a cool October morning in 1997. We drove nearly two hours to get a little dachshund puppy that no one else wanted. You see this 4 month old puppy was missing most of his tail and had digestive trouble and a slight heart murmur. Simply put, no one even wanted him except for my husband and I! We took home the terrified 5 pound puppy that day. You see he stole my husbands heart and mine to if I admit it. And I gladly will! That day the lesson in life started!
We named him Bubba Joe and he soon settled in and took over our lives, our home and our hearts! Not a day went by that this little guy didn't at least bring a smile to our faces! He faced life with gusto and lived it with a lot of enthusiasm! Even when he scattered laundry from one end of the house to the next, you couldn't stay upset very long with him!
There were many funny moments with this little guy! Once he stole Jack's Bologna sandwich, another he stole a cookie from me! That was just his personality, to see what he wanted and to go for it! I could go on and on with the stories of the funny, silly things Bubba did but let me get to the point of my story.
I learned a lot from this little guy. Let me tell you about them! Bubba loved the little things in life. A ride in the car, visiting folks in a nursing home, chasing squirrels in the yard. He also showed me that just because you aren't well or just because you are considered disabled, you sure don't have to live like it! With all the challenges this little dog faced, he still lived each and every day to it's fullest and he was joyful most days too. Only on the really bad days would you even know he was not a well dog.
I have strived to be like Bubba! To be joyful even when my day is not joyful, to be enthusiastic about life, to live each moment as if there is no tomorrow. I find the greatest joy in the small things now, and I know that even though the world calls me disabled, I am not! I may be differently-abled but I still love life and there is much I can do! I can pray, I can bring a smile to someones face, I can laugh and joke and live my life with gusto! I can help someone in need in some little way too.
You see, life is not always what we planned, but it can be full and happy even if you have to work at it some days. With all it's pain, heartache and trouble, we should celebrate life and enjoy it! It is a wonderful gift we were given! Don't waste it complaining or saying "I can't" There is always something you can do to enjoy life and make it full. So live it with gusto like Bubba did!
Let me end my story this way. Bubba died of liver failure after a 3 week battle trying to get better. Even though he was so ill, he still lived his life to the fullest up until that last day. He chased a squirrel one last time on the day he passed! May my life also be filled with that much enthusiasm even on my final day! I want to celebrate life and living every day I possibly can!


Susie said...

Wonderful post Michelle. I truly feel your joy just come through in your posts.
May you have a blessed Easter! (I hope the move went well?)

Vonna said...

Such a very sweet story, told in a very sincere way - straight from the heart :)
Happy Easter Michelle!

groovyoldlady said...

What a sweet little guy he must have been. We had a beagle pup for a while and I cannot tell you how many spiritual lessons she taught me. How amazing God is to love us even when we run the wrong way and disobey or act silly when He's serious.

How'd the move go?

Suzanne said...

Love the picture of Bubba Joe! His eyes look so "happy" Suz

PEA said...

Hi Michelle:-) Great to see you blogging again, hope the move went well!! Just a quick visit to wish you and yours a very Happy Easter:-) I have my boys and Wendy here this weekend so it's been busy! xoxo

lena-lou said...

Michelle this is such a heartfelt posting and so utterly true. You have got a wonderful way with words which is a talent in itself! I hope your move has gone well and you are settling in just fine and that you are all having a lovely Easter :-))

Thank-you so much again for the visits and kind words you leave me for my blog, I do really appreciate your visits :-))
Take care
Helen (lena-lou)


I am so sorry about Bubba. He certainly had the right attitude about life. We waste so much time when things that don't amount to a hill of beans when we could be smiling and happy and thinking of others. Hope your day was wonderful. connie from Texas

By the grace of God ... said...

I enjoyed your post about Bubba Joe -- I agree it came straight from your heart and hit mine! I want to be like him too ...
Welcome to Kansas!! Even though you a "few" miles from me! LOL!